Monthly Makers are where each month I share with you some empowering mothers with a passion to build their business from ground up + do something they love everyday all while raising children.

With a passion in the handmade industry it only seems fair to share with you all the mind blowing Mummas out there building their empire out of handmade treasures with so much love + personality 

so to celebrate this community of Mummas Empire I share with you a little of my colourful home + business. 


Describe your business in 3 words?

Colour. Fun. Exciting 

Tell us about your family? Where you live + how many are in your house?

I live in the Snowy Mountains with my soon to be hubby Mitchell, our son Billy who is 1 + our kelpie Pippa.

How does your day usually look?

Most mornings start very early but slow, chai + toast by the fire. We love listening to music with all the windows and doors open! Ziggy alberts is Billy’s favourite at the moment. While Billy is awake my attention is with him. I work while he sleeps, some days I don’t get as much done as what I would like but I have learnt to surrender. We can do fun stuff together like paint, craft or make Pom poms but the sewing + packaging is mostly done while he sleeps. I have a lot of support from Mitch and mostly work at night. Weekends are for family time but my mind never stops with ideas. 

 Your scrolling through Instagram, who are you stalking?

The girls at JUMBLED I love their love for everything unique + colourful + their Instagram stories are hilarious + full of the most amazing art.

The work space in your home plays an important role in your business, how do you create a space where you feel most creative?

As much as I dream of a white wall, big windows Persian rug timber storage studio full of plants. My little spare room in our home is perfect. I like to have things around me that make me happy and feel good, so lots of wall collages and paints, materials I’ve collected overtime and a cupboard absolutely chockas of my craft + wool stash. The area works for us as I can easily work in a space in our home and know Mitch + Billy are nearby. 

What are you reading? Watching? Listening to?

Im reading Emma Isaacs for motivation. Watching Handmaids tale. Listening to Mums with hustle for business + Shamless + show and tell for a laugh.

And of course, what’s your favourite aspect of your business + any encouraging words for other Mummas out there wanting to begin building their empire?  

It would have to be that i have made a business around my personal life. That I get to be creative and people love it! Now if I had to give any advice to other Mummas wanting to start a business find something your passionate about and would love to do everyday that reflects your personality! I’ve always wanted to do something along the line of this. If you never start somewhere it will bug you for life! Go for it! Be brave. 

Tilly x. 

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  • You can feel you’re happiness through this blog post. It’s clear you love what you do and that’s so important!

  • Awww babe love this! You are such an inspiring Mumma! Your creativity makes me dream big dreams & leads me into a state of happiness when I see you post your work! Cannot wait to read more!

    Kat Dowling

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